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This coming Music Festival will be my last year as Artistic Director as my committee and I are all retiring from our posts. Fourteen years of presenting successful concerts and events have been a great reward for all of our work, but as the years go by, age and ill health have made us realise that we are unable to continue to do our work to the high standards that we would wish. With this realization, we began to seek an alternative means of exstending the life of our annual Festival.

For me, the most important aspect was to keep the Festival as it was originally conceived, so finding the right people with the right kind of enthusiasm was paramount. We are fortunate to have collaborated on a few occasions with the young, talented, and very professional Berkeley Ensemble. They themselves already have a structured business organisation which will suit our Festival, so we were delighted that they agreed to take on running our Festival from 2016 onwards. They are very excited about this project, and I will be in the background to help them in this new venture in any way that I can. I hope you will also feel positive about this change and will wish to give the Berkeley Ensemble the same wonderful support you have given to us over the last fourteen years.


Sylvia Rhys-Thomas